Career Development Institute for Psychiatry
Dedicated to Launching and Maintaining Careers in Mental Health Research

Directors & Faculty


Erika E. Forbes, PhD
David J. Kupfer, MD
Alan F. Schatzberg, MD


Susanne Ahmari, MD, PhD
Rebecca Bernert, PhD
Sarah Clinton, PhD
Leslie Oden Dunn, MPH
Ellen Frank, PhD
Tina Goldstein, PhD
Dawn Ionescu, MD
Director, Neuroscience Clinical Development, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (starting March 2017)
Jordan F. Karp, MD
Helena Kraemer, PhD
Rachel Manber, PhD
Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS
Carrie McAdams, MD, PhD
Aoife O'Donovan, PhD
Ruth M. O'Hara, PhD
Michael J. Ostacher, MD, MPH
Noah S. Philip, MD
Carolyn Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Joshua Roffman, MD
Andrea Schneider, JD
Holly Swartz, MD
Meredith Wallace, PhD
Leanne Williams, PhD
Daniel Wolf, MD, PhD

CDI Experiences

"The CDI has played an instrumental role in my success during the transition from Research Fellow to Assistant Professor, ranging from scientific feedback on my grant proposals to mentorship regarding career development. In fact, one of the 2007 CDI faculty is one of the mentors on my K08 award. In addition, I am currently collaborating with a fellow 2007 CDI classmate in a project supporting our mutual interest in developing mouse models of OCD. Because I feel the CDI has helped me significantly and shaped my career in a very positive way, I am eager to give back to the program as a Peer Advisor."

Susanne E. Ahmari, MD, PhD

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